You truly do get what you pay for when it comes to indoor grow tents. They are great pieces of equipment for someone who doesn't want a permanent grow room setup. With grow tents you can setup or disassemble with ease. No tools involved to take the grow tents, themselves, down.

We focus on selling only the higher quality grow tents because we've found many issues with the cheap ones. They end up having light leaks, ripping, zippers break or they just can't hold very much weight (grow lights can get heavy).

Some of our grow tent selections are on the less expensive side for those who are growing very simple with a small grow light (not heavy). These are even in better condition then the cheap ones you'll find on other websites.

Bottom-line any grow tents manufactured without a name have nothing to hold them accountable. Name brand grow tents mean you have direct contact ability with the manufacturer if anything bad happened.

Quick Tip: we love using grow trays to hold our plants in no matter if it's soil or hydroponics. When you think of plants in your grow tent think of the grow tray that fits and then determine how many plants would work. For example, a 4x4 grow tent can fit a 3x3 grow tray which holds 9 3 gallon pots nicely.