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Indoor gardening has become an increasingly profitable way of maximizing yield. This method as discovered by researchers and has led to increased yield in farm produce. This type of farming works for different crops and for all sort of farming, from commercial crops to fruits and vegetables. The advantages of indoor farming using gorilla grow tents are numerous compared to other modes of farming and we discuss them in this article.

1. Indoor gardening with gorilla grow tents promotes consumption of organic foods In addition, growing plants indoors offers most people the opportunity to grow and consume organic produce. This is because crops that are grown inside gorilla grow tents are purely organic in the sense that no herbicides or insecticides are used on them.

2. Indoor gardening with gorilla grow tents consumes minimal space People who reside in cities get the opportunity to grow plants indoors since indoor gardening does not consume much space. A window ledge is enough to grow plants if that is the only space available in the house. Furthermore, indoor gardening offers an opportunity for beginners to start out by using indoor gardening before venturing into outdoor gardening. While it is unquestionably advisable to grow crops indoors, the benefits that accrue from growing plants inside a gorilla grow tent cannot be disregarded. This growing tent offers a suitable atmosphere for growth of various plants that include flowers, fruits and vegetables.

3. Indoor gardening with gorilla grow tents makes it easy to control Pests One of the main benefits of a grow tent is the fact that grow tents are designed to keep out bugs and pests. Though indoor gardening is supposed to avoid well known pests such as whiteflies and aphids, these pests are still found frequenting indoor gardens. However, gorilla grow tents have been designed to shield the indoor gardens from such pests.

4. Indoor gardening with gorilla grow tents provides sufficient light Gorilla grow tents feature a reflective inner material that produces a diamond like effect that bounces light throughout the entire grow tent. While growing plants indoors is advisable, the light tends to disperse. Incorporating a gorilla grow tent into your indoor garden ensures that your plants will be exposed to sufficient amounts of light. Additionally, this amount of light will not only reflect inside the entire tent, but it will enable plants to grow healthy and mature within short periods of time. Plants require photosynthesis in order to survive which makes it crucial to ensure that they get enough amounts of light to complete process of photosynthesis. Growing plants indoors will at times require one to use artificial means to offer light for the plants. Since gorilla grow tents have a reflective material in their interior parts, they do not disperse light and therefore, energy is not wasted. If one wishes to add lighting inside their gorilla grow tent, it is better to use energy effective led lights. This will also contribute greatly towards saving electricity bills.

5. Indoor gardening with gorilla grow tents removes bad odor It is normal for some plants to emit bad smells which can irritate people especially when they are grown indoors. However, using a gorilla grow tent eliminates this problem because the tent is fitted with an air purification system that rids the tent off the bad smell that gets trapped inside the tent. The use of carbon filters to purify the air helps in the provision of carbon dioxide that is crucial for healthy growth of the plants.

Addressing Humidity problems in Indoor Gardening Indoor growers are especially faced with the problem of humidity. For example, during the winter season, the atmosphere is drier than during the summer season. Adding heat inside the house worsens the situation even further. However, it is easier to tell whether there is a humidity problem by looking at the crop. Some of the indicators of a humidity problem include: a. The leaves start to turn brown on the tips b. Plants start to wither. c. Plants tend to lose leaves. d. The plants are supposed to take in a certain amount of humidity but they are not getting it. The way to increase humidity levels include: a. Mist up your plants every day and more frequently. However, this should not be done for plants that have hairy leaves because water will take time to dry therefore leading to diseases. b. Put plates of water closer to the garden and fill them with lava rocks with the aim of growing the surface area for vaporization. c. Build a microenvironment that produces relative humidity. d. Consistently use a humidifier. An indoor garden will greatly profit from a good medium of planting. Soil that is on the outside is not suitable since it is heavy and may contain pests or weeds. It is, therefore, advisable to use a mixture that is exactly meant for indoor plants. Basically, a good medium should stay loose and have a good drainage while maintaining sufficient organic material to store nutrients. Grow tents have been designed to cater for these. Gorilla grow tents feature hydroponic systems which are much suitable and have been proven to have substantial benefits. Use of hydroponic systems offers nutrients directly to the plant. This means that, nutrients are not tied up in the soil but are instead free and accessible to all the plants. Some of the benefits that hydroponic systems provide are:

a. Plants are able to grow faster while accessing enough water and food. Growth of the plants can reach 50%.
b. Roots are allowed to grow within the medium without being tied hence a container can be tiny.
c. Majority of the plants are unlikely to get infected since they have started growing in an environment that is free of diseases.
d. In case of sicknesses, the disease will mainly have affected a single plant and not the entire plants.
e. It is possible to determine when plants start to droop therefore, one starts to water them before they are completely destroyed.

Best Crops for Indoor Gardening Different plants can be grown indoors. However, it is important to consider growing crops with comparable levels of humidity, light and water. For example, some of the best choices of plants to grow in an indoor garden are vegetables like Kales, Onions, Peppers, and herbs such as Basil, Lavender, Rosemary. The gorilla grow tent allows you to make most considerations when designing your grow tent. The high number of deniers used in grow tent determines its thickness. The higher number of deniers, the thicker the material used to make the tent and the quality of the tent. This not only ensures durability of the gorilla grow tent, but also ensures that light and bad smells are not emitted from the tent. A gorilla grow tent guarantees strength because it comes with metal frames that are thicker and its poles are strong. Gorilla grow tents edges are held together by metal frames that add its long life. These grow tents come with durable zippers which are of high quality and specifically made to last longer as they are not used frequently to open and close the tent. Indoor gardening does not completely do away with the problem of spillages inside the house. Using gorilla grow tents for indoor gardening helps in addressing this problem because they have water resistant floors that manage spillages and a tray that helps in preventing unintended spillages. It is particularly important when one is using hydroponic systems because obstructions linked to blockages and other unseen accidents can interfere with nutrient flow.

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