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In places such as the northern where the climate is cool, warm weather that comes during summer does not last for a long time to allow for cultivation of crops that require warm weather like tomatoes, pepper and watermelons. Though gardeners can somehow try to extend the warm season using complicated greenhouses, this requires a lot of effort and money particularly if the gardener has no plans of growing a large garden. This makes the use of grow tents a much better option for a grower who has a much modest garden and a reasonable amount of money.

Whether you are growing a whole lot of plants or just a single plant, grow tents are an investment that is worthwhile because they offer growers practical growing spaces that yield high results. They can be set up as semi-permanent or temporary structures. Whichever way they are installed, gorilla grow tents offer grower similar benefits as they capture and hold heat in enclosed spaces creating environments that allow crops to grow for longer periods compared to how they grow in the external natural environment.

A gorilla grow tent provides a convenient space for growers to cultivate crops especially when they do not have space to set up a grow room or a greenhouse. Grow tents may have varying designs and shapes but they are generally portable and their frames are covered in thick plastic sheets. Grow tents are designed to get 

hold of heat and keep it inside so that the crops can keep growing for a longer period of time. Gorilla grow tents can offer growers a unique value for money because their manufacturers have integrated major features in their design that include:

    1.Reflective interior surfaces that allow for optimal use of light that each crop receives

    2.Lightweight, lightproof and flame retardant rood along with high quality materials for walls

    3.Sturdy and strong poles as well as roof supports that can support equipment like fans and grow lights

    4.Quality zips that are able to hold the grow tent strongly ensuring that light does not leak outside

    5.Floor trays that can hold any spillage as well as one that is removable to facilitate easy cleaning

    6.Sealable holes on the external wall that allow for extraction of air and power cables.


    Benefits of Gorilla Grow Tents

    For growers who are getting into hydroponics farming for the first time, a gorilla grow tent is a great option. The initial investment is not that monstrous particularly for growers who opt for smaller tents that are available in the market. Even for growers who are experienced in hydroponics farming, a gorilla grow tent can be an extremely useful addition to their agricultural set up. The flame retardant and reflective wall that are used in grow tents are very useful in reducing the need to kit a grow room using reflective material. Instead, they ensure that crops get optimal amount of lighting.


    The high quality sips, stitching and seals used on the grow tents play the important role of keeping the light inside the let so none of it leaks out leading to wastage and high electricity bills for growers. A gorilla grow tent kit comes in a ready to assemble package that contains all the gadgets that a grower needs to get started. Some gorilla grow tents models feature multiple layers that allow propagation and can be adjusted by doing away with the walls in order to create additional space for a whole lot of crops.

    The other benefit that gorilla grow tents offer growers is the fact that they are portable and can be moved from one point to another. When there is need to move the grow tent, a grow tent can deconstruct it partially so that it fits the doorway and move it to a preferred location. Gorilla grow tents are available in a wide range of sizes. This makes them a one-stop solution compared to grow rooms which means that it is possible for a grower to get a grow tent that best meets their needs.

    Gorilla grow tents that are set up in planting areas during the spring increase the speed at which the ground heats up and dries. This makes plants to get ready faster so that they are transplanted way earlier during the season. When this happens, growers benefit from two or three extra weeks at the start of a growing season. Grow tents also provide a sheltered atmosphere for hardening seedlings off before they can placed in the garden. When the growing season ends, gorilla grow tents are able to hold sufficient heat that allows the last harvest to get ripe ahead of the winter season. This means the last harvest of crops such as pepper; tomatoes and potato plants are able to survive much longer to produce food during an extended artificial season.


    Useful tips for growing plants with Gorilla Grow Tents

    The designs of gorilla grow tents tend to vary from one grower to another. Basically, these designs can only be constrained by a builder’s imagination. Due to such variations, there are various factors that need consideration as one uses the grow tent. For instance, there may be differences in internal grow tent environment and the natural external temperatures. Such differences could be a result of external conditions such as the sun or cloudy weather. Because of this, growers need to have thermometers in their grow tents to help them monitor the changing temperatures.


    Also, growers need to know when to open and not to open their gorilla grow tents because this can have an effect on their crops. Whether to open or to close the grow tent largely depends on the crops being grown and the weather. Generally, where the external temperatures are fine, then opening the tent to allow for airflow will not harm the crops. However, the tent should be closed when the temperatures fall below the allowed conditions of the crops being grown. It is advisable to leave the tent door closed for several hours before the sun sets to allow the tent time to build up sufficient heat that it needs to remain warm throughout the night. When it is closed, the tent will trap the moisture and the heat inside and as the sun remains outside, the heat keeps building up and remains as darkness falls.

    Generally, gorilla grow tents are good at seed starting as well as cutting propagation because they allow for early starting and come in handy in extending the growing season for crops where necessary. Are you ready to grow in tents, click here to Start Growing with Gorilla Grow Tents.

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