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Gorilla grow tents are generally thought to be great cultivation solutions from cannabis for people home growers who grow the plant on small scale. Even so, growing crops in gorilla grow tents is a great idea for growers who are into commercial farmers and switch locations every so often. One of the best things about grow tents is that they are highly moveable once the system has been developed well. This gives growers a chance to generate results and enables them to move without people noticing it. Though it is possible to grow crops indoors without using grow tents, gorilla grow tents offer some benefits that people who want to establish indoor gardens should never overlook. Whether you are a home grower who is planting vegetables, fruits, flowers, cannabis or any other crop, using a gorilla grow tent will help you create a suitable environment. We show you some of the main reasons why you need to use a gorilla grow tent in your indoor gardening.

1.Gorilla Grow tents are Energy Efficient

gorilla grow tent is highly efficient in energy utilization. The fact of the matter is, nobody really wants to their money, hundreds of dollars to be spent in lighting or cooling of an indoor garden every month. 

This amount can easily amount to thousands of dollars throughout the year. Gorilla grow tents are specifically designed to utilize energy efficiently so that growers can maximize on their gardening efforts without spending so much money on energy costs.

2.They Filter the Bad Smell

Gorilla grow tents have an enclosed design as well as an air filtration system that helps them in reducing bad smell. Some plants are known to produce very strong smells and the amount of odour really depends on the crop that one is growing. If not take care of, the strong smells can disturb people who might be living nearby or those that spend time near the tent. The gorilla grow tent helps reduce this odour significantly by trapping the smell inside and filtering it through the air filtration system that is fitted inside.

3.Gorilla Grow tents Reduce Pests

Gorilla grow tents have a major advantage because they have the ability to rid your crops of pests that are known to infest gardens. Some of the pests that love gardens and that grow tents helps in reducing are whiteflies, aphids, and spider mites. The grow tents’ enclosed design helps keep these pests away. Though there are always chances of having one or two bugs finding their way into your indoor garden, the infestation is certainly very low and really spaced when you use grow tents.

4.Gorilla Grow tents allow for Circulation of Clean Air

Gorilla grow tents enhance circulation of clean air and this is of great benefit to your plants. The way they are designed, grow tents’ functionality is a closely linked to the air filtration system that they come with. The filtration system draws air from the interior parts of the grow tent via a filter that is carbon activated and releases it outside the tent. This process is called “negative pressure” and has been proven to be highly effective in maintaining fresh air inside gorilla grow tents.

5.Gorilla Grow Tents tend to maximize on Lighting 

Gorilla grow tents are great at maximizing and intensifying the lighting inside the tent. Their interior parts are lifted with a lining made of reflective material that allows light to bounce back and forth along the tent wall when the grow lights are switched on. Grow tents ensure that the crops that are growing inside are surrounded by walls that reflect then diffuse the light back to the plants.

6.Gorilla Grow tents are Customizable

Gorilla grow tents are designed in varying sizes, widths and lengths. Some of them can be customized to any shape and are strong enough to hold equipment such as carbon filters and heavy air-cooled lights. Each grow tent is designed to hold a specific amount of weight that growers need to find out before they purchase them.

7.Gorilla Grow Tents do not require Construction

When grow tents were first invented, their set up required a lot of construction that included drilling of walls in buildings or rooms. Today, the installation of gorilla grow tents does not require construction activities. They are easier to install and offer water proof flooring to home growers which make them easy to manage.

8.Gorilla Grow Tents Can accommodate Lung Rooms

For growers who want to get slightly bigger growing space, they can consider adding a lung room to their grow tents so that they can grow on a bigger scale and adapt their home gardens as they wish while at the same time according themselves grow mobility. Adding a lung room to a grow tent enables a grower to run his or her crops in a manner that is sealed completely and generate consistent results that are replicable in each tent that they attach to the main lung. However, each additional grow tent that they connect to the lung should have a carbon filter, a dehumidification system, as well as a fan that sends air back to the main lung room.

Our 5x5 Grow Tent Package (Bronze Edition) Special Offer on Perfect Gardens

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Secret Jardin Dark Street (5' x 5' x 6⅔') that is specially lined with 95% reflective hammered 


effect mylar fabric (190D) to increase light intensity and improve light distribution.

1000w Crop King Magnetic Ballast which is one of the least expensive 1000w ballast options available and handles both HPS and MH.

8" Air-Cooled Reflector that helps you ventilate your bulb and keep the room cool.

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Gro1 Single Outlet Mechanical Timer that plugs in two electronic devices into this timer for full on/off control.

Rope Ratchet Light Hangers that have a capacity to hold up to 150 pounds and can hold your grow light without any problems.

Gro1 Weather Station that every grow room needs to know temperature and humidity of your grow space.

8" Booster Fan that helps to cool your light and grow room.

8"x25' Terra Quality Ducting which includes two heavy-duty zip ties to secure the duct.

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