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Part of the challenges and rewards of growing Marijuana include making the decision on how to grow it and where to grow it. One of the various marijuana growing options available today is the use of hydroponic grow tents such as Gorilla Grow Tents. Hydroponics is a process that uses water, nutrient solution and a growing medium instead of soil to grow plant. The process gives growers unique levels of control over temperatures, water, nutrients, light and other environmental factors so that they can maximize their yields even within a limited space. The success of hydroponics is in the accuracy it accords marijuana growers when it comes to providing the crops with what they need when they need it. It involves providing nutrients in soluble form at the right time and allowing the right spectrum of light in at the stage when the crop needs it or maintaining optimal temperatures to facilitate crop development.

Not as easy as ‘Plug and Play’

Despite the effectiveness of hydroponics, some adverts of grow tents used for growing medical marijuana make it appear like it is a ‘plug and play’ solution for those who do not want to go through the trouble of building a grow room as part of a permanent structure. It seems more like setting up a marijuana garden camp in one of the rooms in a home without really cutting vent 

holes on the ceiling or on the walls. This is not the case. People who have gone to stores that sell hydroponics in search of grow tents know that it doesn’t come packaged like an outdoor camping gear that only requires pitching. To begin with, there are too many companies manufacturing marijuana grow tents these days and picking a grow tent isn’t that easy. The workmanship and materials used to make grow tents vary widely and in some cases, manufacturers make one tent pretty well and another poorly.

Cost and Features of Hydroponics Grow Tents

The cost of a hydroponic gorilla grow tent measuring 4 by 8 feet ranges between 500 and 1100 dollars or even more. A gorilla grow tent of this size will provide space that can hold two pieces of 1000 watt HID grow lights and a dozen of huge plants. Gorilla grow tents have a vertical headroom space of more than 6 feet and some gorilla grow tents actually have an adjustable height, which is a good thing. The risk of getting a cheaper grow tent brand is that it could be of low quality and end up crashing the crop down. In addition to the main gorilla tent, various accessories are required for it to work well. Such accessories include a vent fan, a carbon filter, vent tubing, light cooler tubes and hoods, and oscillating fans among others.

Identifying defective Hydroponics Grow tents

Bad grow tents are those that allow light to leak and their hydroponics grow lights are too heavy for the upper frame poles to hold. As a result, the grow lights land on the crop and crush it. The tents also have zippered ports and doors that do not zip properly and port holes for ducts, vent fans, and electrical fees are either insufficient or are not placed well. Their interior reflective material is dull and they have poor fabricating and sewing as well as poorly done corner supports. In worse situations, you will find some grow tents having off gassed poisons that are highly toxic to marijuana plants. Such tents are made of bad materials that release poisons that kill marijuana crops when they come into contact with heat and other growth factors.

According to hydroponics store owners, there are some grow tent manufacturers that have made defective tents, including the off-gassing tents, over the last few years. Defects are not only exclusive to grow tents but they are also found in insulation materials, irrigation tubing and other hydroponic materials that transfer poison to crops. In some instances, it is not clear whether it is the materials that cause nutrient problems on marijuana crops but the threat posed by grow tents is real. Gorilla grow tents are the best grow tents available in the market today. The manufacturers of these tents have addressed the defects that are common in grow tents manufactured by other companies.


As you go looking for a hydroponic gorilla grow tent to grow your marijuana, bear in mind that there is no hundred percent guarantee that if you place a lot of the accessories on the tent’s ceiling frame, the tent will be able to hold them in place without falling off and ruining your crops. The other challenge you are likely to encounter is getting the heat out of your gorilla grow tent. This can become a challenge especially is you use a lot of HID growing light or if your gorilla grow tent doesn’t have cool air that can be sucked in. Essentially, you will have to assemble your gorilla grow tent because it is nothing close to a ‘plug and play’ package that comes with all components in place. You have to spend time fixing all the required electrical and air control pieces to get your marijuana growing. When you are just starting to learn growing marijuana in gorilla grow tents, you get used to this kind of experiences.

Gorilla Grow Tents are the Best

The best marijuana grow tents that have earned favorable marketing and mentions at the moment are the ‘Gorilla grow tents’. The manufacturers of these grow tents have fixed all the challenges that other grow tent brands have and they have gone ahead and included additional features such as infrared blocking that protects your crops from experiencing head radars.

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